Rotary engraving has been the heart and soul of A & L Engraving since the beginning. We have multiple computer controlled rotary engravers to handle a host of your industrial needs. We can handle sizes up to 24 x 48 on our large rotary engraver table. We also have the ability to engrave metals such as stainless steel and brass.

Laser marking is an excellent method of permanently marking stainless steel. While traditional metal engraving removes part of the metal, changing the strength of the part, the laser mark is actually on top of the metal. Because of the metal marking spray’s reaction with the laser, the metal marking has shown the marks to be resistant to several common strong acids, bases, organic solvents and extreme heat or cold. The laser mark also has good salt spray resistance, scratch resistance and UV resistance. This is an excellent solution to all those stainless steel tags exposed to the elements. This also works great for a permanent mark on those wall plates. Laser engraving on stainless steel and anodized aluminum is a permanent process that is a great alternative to screen printing.

Vinyl Labels has become a great addition to our services. We can offer custom Caution, Danger, Warning and Arc Flash labels. All our labels are printed on a durable vinyl and all are laminated for longer life and durability. We have also created Photovoltaic labels based on the NEC 2014 requirements.

Heat Shrink Tube Custom Printing is a new service we have recently added. Great for the solar panel farms where all all wiring has to be labeled. We have 2 to 1 shrink ratio, with sizes from 1/8″ to 2″ diameter for your labeling needs.